July 27, 2009


Creative vision doesn't come from the tools we use as photographers, but sometimes a new toy can help to force a shift of perspective. I spent some time this weekend at Roaring Camp Railroad, photographing trains with a new lens and just playing with light, perspective, and inspiring myself to start a new creative project. More to come, of course...

Copyright 2009 Kimberley Bermender
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Blogger Kristie said...

Pretty cool! Is that one of those Lensbabies lenses?

10:21 AM  
Blogger Kimberley Bermender said...

Hi Kristie, yes it's my new lensbaby baby. That was my first day with it. Have been playing with it in the studio as well, looking to see if I can work out some interesting product shots with it. Tough with a plastic lens!

10:35 AM  

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