Issue 2, Fall 2006


Welcome back to The Key Light, maginei's quarterly newsletter that provides you with photography tips and tricks, and maginei company tidbits.

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In the Key Light: Rice University

Stand Out from the Crowd this Holiday

9 Steps to a Great Holiday Event

Now Represented By Adobe Stock Library

Food for Thought

In the Key Light: Rice University Reaches Out with Imagery

Using custom photography in your marketing campaigns is a great way to personalize your business to prospective clients. Portrait, product, architectural, and concept images tell the unique story of your business and can be used over and over again on Web sites, in brochures and marketing collateral, and in advertising campaigns.

Rice University runs planned-giving advertisements in their alumni magazine. Each advertisement includes a profile and portrait of an alumni contributor. The result - an ad that reaches the audience simply and directly.

We were excited by the recent opportunity to photograph a Rice University ad campaign. Here's what Michele Arnold of Rice University had to say about the photo shoot:

"Just today I saw the planned giving ad for our alumni magazine. My first thought was, "Mary looks beautiful." I believe this ad will be eye-catching because of your fine work. You were wonderful to work with... Count on my calling should we have future photography needs in California."

Michele Arnold
Resource Development, Rice University

Congratulations to Rice University on a great advertising campaign, and thanks for the fun photo shoot!

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Stand Out from the Crowd this Holiday

Why send your family, friends or customers a generic holiday message? maginei makes it easy to give personalized, quality gifts that your friends and family will love! Start your holiday with a maginei photo session; then use your favorite image on greeting cards, photo calendars, gift tags or magnets.

Gift certificates are a great solution for your gift- giving needs this holiday season. These may be redeemed for portrait sessions, prints, framed wall hangings or greeting card packages.

Get ready for the holiday with maginei


9 Steps to a Great Holiday Event

Are you organizing a company party, annual event or family reunion this holiday? Here are 9 steps to guide you through the event preparation so that you can focus on the celebration. And remember to start planning early...

  1. Determine your budget and stick to it. Your budget will guide many of your later decisions.
  2. Choose your event theme.
  3. Choose your date, time and location. Book now.
  4. Finalize the guest list.
  5. Mail invitations as early as possible. Your invitation design is a great way to promote and support your theme.
  6. Book your photographer to capture the moments (we hear maginei is pretty darn good at this...).
  7. Arrange catering; remember your theme.
  8. Coordinate location decor.
  9. Relax and enjoy the event. Well done!

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Now Represented By Adobe Stock Library

Looking for stock images for a marketing campaign,brochure or Web site content? maginei is pleased to be represented by the Adobe Stock Library.

Check out our images, and if you don't see what you're looking for there, check out the Stock section of the maginei Web site.

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Food for Thought

"A photograph is not an accident it is a concept." -Ansel Adams


Its been an exhilarating and really fun first year of business for maginei. Your referrals have been the foundation of our success, and we thank you for your continued support of maginei's photography and marketing services.



Kimberley Bermender