Issue 1, May 2006


We are excited to release the inaugural edition of The Key Light, maginei's quarterly newsletter that provides you with a host of photography tips and tricks, and maginei company tidbits.

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In the Key Light: ClickTracks Analytics

Imagining Ourselves

10 Steps to Great Travel Photos

Sneak Peek: Digital Workshop Series

Tidbit #1

In the Key Light: ClickTracks Analytics

How many of us have used casual snapshots of our executive team because we needed a photo 'right now'? Then the image was posted on the company Web site or used in an article; think for a moment about the message that was sent to every viewer of that photo. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what did you just say about your company? Professional imagery that reflects your business is an investment in your brand, image and marketing message. And when you get the opportunity for a cover shot... you're ready!

We were excited by the recent opportunity to photograph ClickTracks Analytics CEO John Marshall for the cover of Practical Ecommerce magazine. In the feature article 'Analytics Software Improves Paid Search Campaigns', John provides guidance and insight about developing successful Web search campaigns.

Here's what Michael Stebbins, VP of Marketing at ClickTracks, had to say about the photo shoot:

"Kimberley's creativity and technical skills made it possible to get the feel we wanted for the cover photo. From working with our CEO during the photo shoot to coordinating with the art director at the magazine, she managed the shoot professionally and with a sense of fun. The results look great."

Michael Stebbins
VP Marketing, ClickTracks Analytics Inc.

Congratulations ClickTracks on a great article, fun photo shoot, and for looking so darn good on the cover!

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Imagining Ourselves...

The International Museum of Women (IMOW) recently presented 'Imagining Ourselves,' an exhibit and communication project that explores the question "What defines your generation of women?"

IMOW selected a Kimberley Bermender photograph and essay for their exhibit. Kimberley's image and essay were showcased throughout April in the online exhibit. Karenna Gore Schiff, in a Yahoo Health article, referred to the essay:

"As Imagining Ourselves artist Kimberley Bermender expresses so eloquently, "We're the generation of women that can do anything, and therefore must do everything."

Karenna Gore Schiff

For more information, explore the Imagining Ourselves online exhibit.

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10 Steps to Great Travel Photos

As we pack away the rain jackets after a long winter season, it's time to start thinking SUMMERTIME! For many of us, that means vacations, outdoor adventures and capturing all of this in photographs! We'd like to share some of our tried and true photo techniques that will transform your summer vacation images from great memories into great photographs.

  1. Know your camera before you go. If you've just bought a camera for your trip, spend some time testing it, and carry your instruction manual with you. Point and shoot camera now have some incredible features built into them, but you have to know how to use them.
  2. Take enough film/memory cards to last the entire trip. Also, batteries are like gold on the road - bring more than enough with you.
  3. 'Point and Shoot' describes camera functionality, not a recipe for creating great images. Think about what you're trying to capture in the image: the mood, the composition, information. Then use light, composition, viewpoint and color to support your visual message.
  4. Compose your portraits within the context of the landscape, while still providing detail that it's your family standing by the pyramid, not five tiny dots.
  5. Before you press the shutter, look for distracting items at the edges of the frame. Remember, one step in any direction provides you with a whole new composition.
  6. When is the best time to take a photo? You'll often hear that it's best to take photos at dawn and at dusk, in order to take advantage of the dramatic light. Well, most of us aren't out adventuring at those times. Think of this: hard light, such as the noonhour sun, emphasizes the subject; dramatic light such as dusk and dawn emphasize the mood. Use what light you have - creatively!
  7. Take photos of signs as you enter historic landmarks, parks, and other known locations. It's a great reference when you get home and start sorting, and also makes for fun inserts for scrap books.
  8. If you have a camera with strap that says "DIGITAL" around it (like the Canon EOS Digital straps), replace it. Think of it as a big advertisement for thieves that says you've got expensive gear around your neck.
  9. Make certain that the horizon line is straight. This is important both with landscapes and portraits.
  10. Experiment and have fun! With digital cameras, you're not even wasting film. Get down low, get up high, test different angles. Play... play... play... and enjoy!

Sneak Peek: Digital Workshop Series Coming Soon

Do you have a digital camera and feel like you're not getting as much out of it as you could? Are you ready to take your photography skills up a notch?

We're kicking off our maginei Digital Workshop series for beginner to intermediate level photographers who want to improve their digital photography skills. By the end of the intensive, one day workshop, you'll be able to:

You'll need: a digital camera, your camera manual, enthusiasm and creativity. A laptop computer is optional if you want to work hands-on during the workshop. We'll update you with dates and locations as we finalize the details. Register in advance to receive a $20.00 discount.

Advance RSVP...


Tidbit #1

Why The Key Light? The key light is the first and usually most important light that a photographer will use in a lighting setup. The purpose of the key light is to highlight the form and dimension of the subject. (Source: Wikipedia)


Itís been an exhilarating and really fun first year of business for maginei. Your referrals have been the foundation of our success, and we thank you for your continued support of maginei's photography and marketing services.



Kimberley Bermender